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Life of a Beginner Photographer

Take a look inside of what an always learning beginner photographer does to grow & keep her skills sharp.

I've been wanting to start a blog for a little while now. I gave so many excuses to why not or just said I simply did not have time. Well now I will be making time considering that this could probably help other starting their own business. Disclaimer: I AM NOT A WRITER! I've never been interested in writing, shoot let's be honest I hated writing in college. Maybe this will be a better experience. Now let me get to the point!

From time to time my best friend & I pick a location to go take pictures. The area we picked for January was 5th street, GA Tech area. We use these opportunities to keep our skills fresh & see what kind of art we can create by capturing some random things. Also, these adventures turn into our time to catch up & bond. Nothing is better than doing what you love with someone you love. I love our photography dates.

So I had been eyeing this area for a while now due to continuous business that I conduct. So I picked her up & we head downtown. Once we get there we begin to set up, the weather was perfect being that it's winter, while dropping equipment as we try to get our cameras together. Then we start scouting the area. When in different environments you have to take a couple of practice shots to get your settings right on your camera. This day I shot everything in Manual even though AV is my favorite setting since learning. I instantly fell in love with these dying flowers. More so on the camera than in person lol. I was intrigued by the color of them. I wondered why some were dying & others thriving. The contrast of the different colors drew me to this area. Focusing on my depth of field I snapped a few pictures. (see below)

My best friend loves to take pictures of anything while I'm more of a portrait photographer. In this process she has shown me there is beauty & art in all things. There's nothing wrong with trying different types of photography which in turn will help you learn more about your camera settings.

We then come to this long passage way that drew me to the NCR building. Now I see this building every time I go downtown, you can't miss it, yet this is the closest I've been to it. Whoever designed this building is amazing but the fitness center overlooking the city is the best part to me.

We continue our journey eventually come to this open field that one day I will bring a client. I looked across the street & find this beautiful Pergola wrapped in vines with the sun peeping through. It was definitely a vibe lol. So of course I had to capture it. The vines draw your eyes from the bottom to the top as they wrap their way around each post. (see below)

I captured a few other shots here then we continued on. This was a very interesting, rewarding shooting session. We walked towards the greek village of Georgia Tech where I see this guy walking across the cross walk in fashionable attire. I was captured by his overcoat. He was the best dressed on the block so of course I unapologetically snapped a few shot. I think he low-key saw me lifting my camera so he gave me a fashion show lol. Walking so confidently & as if he was on a catwalk. (see below)

This day was simply amazing to see the images loaded into lightroom was very rewarding. Not much editing was done to these images, a little auto tone & profile corrections. otherwise they are straight from the came raw. I'm pretty excited of the outcome of these images plus the time spent learning for the first time to shoot solely in manual. Welp I won't try to bore you anymore with what I think are fascinating detail to my shooting day but I have to get the kiddos up and off to school. Heres to my first blog post! Don't judge to harshly :) Have a blessed one.


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