Your Experience

Your experience is what matters when booking a service. Here you won't have to go in blind, you will know what to expect when booking with Beautography, LLC. Read these guideline to get an idea of what booking a session will look like.

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After Booking

Once you book your appointment & pay your deposit look out for you confirmation email. After your confirmation email within a few days, depending on your booking, you will receive your contract and photo release. When you receive your contract and photo release you will be able to digitally sign both documents. The next email you will receive will be tips and tricks to prepare for your session. This document will help you prepare when choosing your outfit and grooming tip. Lastly, the day before your session you will get a reminder of your session. This last email will have all of the details of your session such as date, time, shoot location, remaining balance, and ways to earn extra images!

The Day of Your Shoot

On the day of your photography session I will reach out that morning to ensure that there are no changes and that the session is still going according to plan. Once I hear from you I will see you at the agreed upon location. 

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After Your Session

After we shoot together within 48 hours you will receive an email letting you know that your gallery is ready to be viewed. You will then select the images that you would like edit. I ask that you select your images within 48 hours to reduce the delay of editing and receiving your images. After you select your images I will begin editing the images that you selected. Your final high resolution images will be finalized and delivered within 7-10 business days. Photography business days are Tuesday through Saturday.

I hate to see my clients go at the end of my sessions, but it doesn't have to be the end. I want to see you or your family grow. Keep in touch, come back or keep Beautography, LLC in mind when you need to capture those milestones throughout your life.