My First Breakdown :(

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Today I had my first official breakdown...

Well not really, I mean we all have breakdowns throughout life. Today was my first official breakdown since my child started digital learning.

Everyone has had to adjust drastically since COVID-19. The changes seem to be happening more often that anything. I normally adapt to change pretty well. Today I found out otherwise.

When I thought I was a master at multitasking I've come to learn that all the multitasking that I was doing did not helped me. I have hit a point now where I get VERY overwhelmed and OVER stimulated then completely BREAK down! Today was one of those days. My first grader working digitally in her counseling class. My son having a breakdown, telling me "you don't talk to me like that!". Mind you I'm just trying my best to keep him quiet while my daughter works by telling him to be quiet or "hush". These were just added stimulants to my original struggle of trying to do some military work. For those of you who don't know I am apart of the Reserves. I was struggling for about a hour to find documentation to help guide me to update some information. That hour flew by so I had finally asked a fellow shipmate for help. By that time I was super frustrated, feeling inadequate, my children just added my frustration so I needed to step away.

One thing we as parents have to realize is that we CAN'T do it all. No matter how much of a superwoman I try to be I have come to accept that I can't do everything in one day. No matter how hard I try. I really really try too. We get tired, especially us moms. With everyone being home no matter how much I prep, I still run out of prepped food. No matter how much I clean, the house still gets messy right after. No matter how much I try to entertain my kids they still want MORE. Everything is sucking the life out of me at the moment and it's time for a BREAK. Not to mention balancing business with everything else that is going on.

Hiatus? I wish! Something has to give though. A get away sounds nice at this moment for sure. For now I will just have to learn to manage better and forgive myself if some things don't get done for the day. I will find peace where I can get it. Right now it's me listening to meditation music after my ugly cry session then venting about it to those of you who read my blog. What are some ways you and your family are adjusting? Are you having breakdown moments? Have you realized you're not superwoman/man?

*note: this is a quick blog to help me sort my feelings at this moment.

Thanks for listening